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Mom and kid

Who I am

I am a web designer in South lake Tahoe. a mother of a 4 year old and an artist with an eye for design.

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Sunset PC

What we can do

We can make a responsive web design for any type of business. We make the website you want.

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Any where. If you can communicate to me, I can make you a website. The better we communicate the better your website will be. We can communicate by phone, email, or video calls.

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Why pick us. Why not?

Want a totally custom website? I can make one from scratch. Want your site on Wordpress or made with Bootstrap? I have experience in those. I don't use just one program. I can get you started with a free Google website that you can easily customize on your own. I like to use all the tools available. I am a Web designer living in South Lake Tahoe and ready to work with you.


Oh yeah it needs to respond. See for yourself.

Check out the website you are viewing. It was made to be responsive. When you design a website you need to think of smart phones and tablets. Responsive web design makes a website look good no matter what the size of the screen. All content will fit. Your website cannot be for just computers any more.

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Web Design. Let make it pretty.

Zoe with flower

Web design is art. I will work with you to design a website that promotes you. I always try to use my own art, by making the logos, taking the photos, or drawing original works.

Need original photography for your website I can help you out.